Thursday, March 27, 2014

Webb Sanctuary

The Webb Sanctuary is a 20 acre property just outside of the Town of Clifton. The property had been donate from the Webb family to Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) almost 15 years ago. In November 2013, ANS gave this property to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA).

This was part of a larger partnership between ANS and NVRPA that has been formed over the last several years. In Leesburg ANS is leasing its Rust Sanctuary to NVRPA long-term. A great deal of this partnership has to do with aligning strengths. ANS has over 100 years of environmental education as their strength, and NVRPA owns and manages over 11,000 acres of parkland in Northern Virginia, which is a strength.

From a practical perspective the use of the Rust Sanctuary is not changing. With ANS the land was open to the public, and the nice trail system and diversity of wildlife habitat made it a great place to visit. ANS also rented the house on site, which helps with night security, and provides someone who can do some on-site mowing and other minor maintenance. Under NVRPA management all the same uses will be in place. From the visitor perspective nothing will be any different.

From a long-term perspective, we would love to see a trail someday that could go from this site and connect with Hemlock Overlook Regional Park and the greater Bull Run/Occoquan Trail System. That vision is years (maybe decades) off, but with the addition of the Webb Sanctuary the connection to the 4,000 acres, and 19 miles of trails that NVRPA owns on the banks of the Bull Run and Occoquan Rivers is a natural one to hope for.

Entrance Drive

Interpretive Sign

Rental House

Trail Signs

Paul Gilbert, NVRPA, Anne Webb, former owner,& Lisa Alexander, ANS

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