Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Barbara Tulipane inspires the next generation of professionals

Barbara Tulipane talking to Park & Rec. College Students

Barbara Tulipane, the CEO of the National Recreation and Park Association was a guest speaker at George Mason University talking to college student studying in the School of Recreation, Health & Tourism.

Barbara engaged the student in a discussion about the future of the Park & Recreation field, and where they may want to apply their talents in the coming years.

When covering what it take to be a successful CEO she had the following points of wisdom (paraphrased):

A good CEO must...
  • be a leader and a follower (in different settings).
  • be a futurist.
  • be a relationship builder.
  • have industry knowledge.
  • be a spokes person.
  • have a good understanding of financials.
  • be motivational.
  • be an able operator.
  • have courage to make decisions.
It was a great opportunity for these future professionals to be able to engage and learn from a top national leader in the field of Park & Recreation.

Monday, November 14, 2011

High praise for park district forum

The conference that the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority hosted this fall for park districts was a great success, and a wonderful team effort. Below is a letter from the General Manager of East Bay Regional Park District in California. East Bay is likely the largest regional park system in the country, and one of the very best. Praise from East Bay is high praise indeed!

I am very proud of all the NVRPA staff and board that played a role in making this event a success.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great fall colors

It is a spectacular fall! We have had several recent years when the leaves have not turned their peak color, bu this year the colors have been fantastic. Below are two images I have taken in the last week.

Gilberts Corner Regional Park across from Mt. Zion on Rt. 50

Pohick Bay Regional Park in the Lorton/Mason Neck area