Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Barbara Tulipane inspires the next generation of professionals

Barbara Tulipane talking to Park & Rec. College Students

Barbara Tulipane, the CEO of the National Recreation and Park Association was a guest speaker at George Mason University talking to college student studying in the School of Recreation, Health & Tourism.

Barbara engaged the student in a discussion about the future of the Park & Recreation field, and where they may want to apply their talents in the coming years.

When covering what it take to be a successful CEO she had the following points of wisdom (paraphrased):

A good CEO must...
  • be a leader and a follower (in different settings).
  • be a futurist.
  • be a relationship builder.
  • have industry knowledge.
  • be a spokes person.
  • have a good understanding of financials.
  • be motivational.
  • be an able operator.
  • have courage to make decisions.
It was a great opportunity for these future professionals to be able to engage and learn from a top national leader in the field of Park & Recreation.

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