Monday, August 15, 2011

Waterparks are more popular than ever

Waterparks of the Northern Virginia Regional Park System are more popular than they have ever been. Over the last five years we have renovated every one of them, and the public have flocked to them. With great theme that are fun for the whole family, and convenient  locations throughout Northern Virginia, these waterparks offer a great close to home alternative to a larger vacation. As such that are a fantastic value. In many cases a day at one of these fun filled waterparks is the same or less than going to the movies.

In the summer of 2010 we hit a new high in waterpark popularity. But now that we are most of the way through the summer 2011 season, we can see that the popularity of these great waterparks keeps climbing. Below are the numbers indicating the year to date increase in waterpark attendance compared to the record breaking 2010 season. If you have not tries all of these waterparks yet this summer, do not miss your change.

Cameron "Great Waves Waterpark"
 6% increase

Upton Hills "Ocean Dunes Waterparks"
5% increase

Algonkian "Volcano Island Waterpark"
12% increase

Pohick Bay "Pirate's Cove Waterpark"
6% increase

Bull Run "Atlantis Waterpark"
9% increase

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Mike Marti said...

My aunt that lives in Virginia was telling me this about the water parks and how they are more popular now than before there. I think its great because its a safe and fun place for kids to play. Me and my family usually visit the Great Wolf Lodge that is located near us but we always visit the water parks in Virginia when we visit.