Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Ways to Experience Ball's Bluff Battlefield

The students of Smarts Mill Middle School in Leesburg became historians and movie producers and stars as part of a project sponsored by the Journey Through Hallowed Ground.

In the spring the student studied the Battle of Balls Bluff. They did primary research and then wrote directed and stared in their own historic movies. These movies can be seen at the link below.

This link is also on the web site for Balls Bluff Battlefield Park, a property of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. This project was a fantastic way to engage young people in the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and make it fun and engaging for them.

Another great way to experience the history of this site will be the battle reenactment that will take place on the actual battlefield this fall on October 22nd. The link to this event is:, on this site is a link for even more information on this event.

Planning for the battle reenactment has been underway for over a year. It will be a one of a kind event, 150 years in the making. If you would like a glimps at what it must have been like during the Civil War, this is an event not to miss.

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