Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Birthday America

The photo above is of Balls Bluff Battlefield in Leesburg Virginia. The stone was in the background is the smallest National Cemetery. The cannon in the foreground is a replica of the 12 pounder that was modified to fire James Shells (exploding shells). This, plus two Mountain Howitzers we taken across the Potomac River is small row boats and pulled up a narrow path that went up to the battlefield that is about 80 feet above the river.

The battle took place in October 1861 being one of the early battles of the Civil War. In the end the Union forces were positioned with their backs to the 80 foot drop off to the river. The Confederates pushed the Union forces back and many of them were driven off the cliffs to the river below.

For more information on Balls Bluff see: http://www.nvrpa.org/park/ball_s_bluff/

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