Friday, June 10, 2011

60 miles at 102 degrees!

My wife and I just finished a two day ride on the W&OD Trail. Yesterday it was 102, and today it only got up to 95. We drank a LOT of water and needed every drop of it. We covered 30 miles each day and had a great time. At the mid point in our get away, we stayed in a bed and breakfast in Leesburg, and soaked up the history and charm of the town.

I was struck by how friendly all the other trail users were. Today we had two conversations with other bikers as we cooled off. Each came from a very different background, but they were both charming and friendly and helpful people. Many other people, we said hello to along the way. It is a great community that uses this wonderful trail.

The W&OD Trail is an amazing resource stretching 45 miles from Shirlington to Purcellville.

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LaurieK said...

W&OD is, indeed, an amazing resource Paul and kudos to you both for braving the heat! Sounds like you were well prepared and glad to hear the other visitors were so kind :-) I recall last year when several of our Parks & Recreation students from George Mason, along with NVCC Recreation students came together and worked with the awesome folks at NVRPA to do a little trail clean-up. Everyone had a super time and were so amazed by this excellent park resource!