Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kayaking and Canoeing on Pohick Bay

The following is the first two paragraphs of a great blog post about Pohick Bay that appears on Lorton Patch blog. For the full story see:

"On the north side of the Mason Neck peninsula, the mouth of Pohick Creek enters into a body of water known as Pohick Bay. Adjacent to this bay is Accotink Bay, the mouth of Accotink Creek. These tidal estuaries—bays receiving fresh water from rivers and salt water from the ocean—are home to an amazing array of wildlife and flora, accessible for exploration in kayak and canoe.

Pohick Bay Regional Park offers rentals by the hour or day of Jon boats, pedal boats, sunfish sailboats, canoes, single kayaks and double kayaks. From the boat rental beach, paddlers may choose to stay in the open bay waters, or venture back into the wetland areas closer the mouth of the creeks. The kayaks and canoes are best for an up close and personal look at the diverse offering of flora and fauna throughout the park."

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