Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Final beam goes into Korean Pavilion

On Saturday, the master craftsmen from Korea that have been carving each piece of wood to make the traditional pavilion that will house the large bell at Meadowlark Botanical Garden finished their work. The final step for the carpenters was to hand paint in Korean "Bell of Peace and Harmony" and the date, and put the top beam in place.

Master Carpenter Lee did the honors of painting the bell's name on the beam, before it was lifted by cloth ropes up to the top and set in place. Except for the concrete foundation, the entire pavilion was constructed by hand with each piece of wood being carved from raw lumber. It all fit together tongue and groove without any nails or screws.

The bell is being cast in Korea by another master artist, and will be shipped here in early 2011.

When complete this unique feature of Meadowlark Gardens will be a tourist attraction, a symbol of the partnership between our two countries, and a cultural hub for the Korean American community in the Washington Metropolitan area.

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