Tuesday, April 28, 2009

World Class Lifeguards

The first wave of lifeguard training is starting in preparation for the summer season. About six years ago the Regional Park Authority reviewed all the available lifeguard training programs available and selected NASCO as the most rigorous program in the nation. NASCO focuses on training, certification and auditing for large waterparks where the need for safety and professionalism is high.

Our guards go through 16 hours of in-class training and 8-10 hours of in-water training. This is just the first step. Once certified they are all tested a second time by a different team of instructors to make sure the have mastered all the material. Once they are a guard they receive on-going training on a weekly basis and are regularly audited, to make sure they are scanning completely, quickly, are demonstrating the right posture and have all of their equipment at hand.

Having witness the high degree of professionalism and attention of our guards vs. the guards at many community pools, there is no comparison. The NASCO standards also dictate the number of guards on duty, the amount of pool area they are guarding and the rotation of stations so they stay fresh and attentive while on duty.

We should all be very proud of the young people who take on a summer job with this level of responsibility. For the last several years all of NVRPA waterparks have received NASCO's highest safety ranking of "World Class."


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