Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preserving History

Preserving history is a critical part of the mission of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. One way we are doing that right now, is the stabilization and partial restoration of the Country Mill at Aldie Mill.

While the main Merchant Mill at Aldie Mill is fully restored and operational, the small and likely older mill building was in need of repair. So we have hired a specialty firm that is strengthening and restoring part of this building. It has stood on this site for 200 years, and we want it to be there for another 200 years.

Last year we put a new, historically correct roof on the Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria. It is all a part of being good stewards of history, just as we strive to be good stewards of nature.

In addition to just preserving history and nature, we also try to educate the public about these resources. As part of our strategic plan we have incorporated environmental and/or historical interpretation into every one of our parks. One of the newer additions to the Aldie site are two interpretive signs that tell the story of the Battle of Aldie in 1863, courtesy of the Civil War Trail Association.

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