Saturday, January 21, 2006

NVRPA Energy Conservation Policy


The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority shall lead by example in the field of energy conservation. We will help create a more sustainable society that is less dependent on non-renewable resources, and achieve long-term cost savings. Through energy conservation, we will be reducing the environmental and social impacts of burning fossil fuels, reducing global warming, habitat destruction, and air pollution.

Measurable Results:

NVRPA will track energy use by units of consumption for each operating location. This consumption will be compared to baseline consumption data from 2005.

For fiscal year 2007 (July 1, 2006 – June 30 2007), NVRPA will have a goal of reducing energy consumption by 5%.


To achieve these goals, NVRPA will examine high efficiency technologies, wherever practical. We will consider cradle-to-grave lifecycle costs of energy-dependent systems. We will total lifecycle costs and not just initial start up costs, when purchasing energy- dependent systems. We will strive to utilize a wide variety of technologies and practices, where practical, including: green building materials and methodologies, passive and active solar, geothermal HVAC, energy efficient lighting, energy efficient pumps and vehicles that use a variety of energy sources, including electric, hybrid, CNG, fuel cell and other technologies that become available, practical and cost effective.

To achieve maximum efficiency in our current systems, NVRPA will continue its policy of regular preventive maintenance of all its energy-dependent equipment and facilities. Energy conservation practices will be actively encouraged throughout the park system.

To track our progress in energy conservation, NVRPA will conduct an audit of its current energy consumption and will track energy consumption levels over time. We will seek to encourage others to reduce energy consumption by making available to the public periodic reports on our progress.

Conservation Methods:

To achieve our energy conservation goals, NVRPA will implement conservation methods including the following:

Track energy consumption

Follow Energy Star recommended practices

Perform monthly HVAC maintenance

Reduce HVAC use when not needed

Maintain proper air pressure in vehicle tires

Use high efficiency lighting

Reduce mowed areas of parks

Use green building methods and materials

How NVRPA’s Energy Conservation Plans follow EPA Recommendations:

  1. By adopting a conservation policy, the NVRPA Board has made an organizational commitment to energy conservation.
  2. Assessing current performance is documented with baseline data on energy consumption for 2005.
  3. We have set a goal of reducing energy consumption by 5% in the first year, which is tangible and achievable.
  4. The building blocks of our action plan are contained in our policy. Each operating location will develop specific implementation plans for how these goals will be best achieved.
  5. Evaluation of progress will be achieved through a new energy consumption tracking system that will be implemented by the Budget & Finance Department.
  6. Recognition of Achievement will be done through our annual employee achievement awards.

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