Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Mission Statement is what NVRPA is about

For many decades NVRPA had a mission statement without much mission in it. It was very dry and because of that, we didn't use it often. But clearly we had a great mission, it just wasn't well expressed.

In 1959 when the Regional Park Authority was founded, we were set up primarily to be an open space conservation organization. Over the years we have developed a very diverse group of parks. Our focus has remained unique. One of the things that makes NVRPA different, is that in every one of our member jurisdictions there is a local park agency. These agencies focus on meeting local needs, like where will the local youth soccer team practice, and where will the neighborhood kids find a good playground. These are vitally important needs that must be met, but since there are local park agencies that focus on these needs, the Regional Park authority can focus on providing unique and truly regional park amenities. Just a few examples of amenities that are regional include, the W&OD trail which goes 45 miles and includes 4 of our member jurisdiction, and attracts millions of users each year, the Sandy Run rowing facility that provides a world class scholastic rowing venue for many high schools throughout the area, and our two family campgrounds that offer the public a great way to get outside and experience nature.

The Mission Statement recently adopted by the NVRPA Board reflects our roots as a conservation organization, and our focus on park amenities that meet a more regional need.

Mission Statement
Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority enhances the communities of Northern Virginia and enriches the lives of their citizens through the conservation of regional natural and cultural resources. It provides diverse regional recreational and educational opportunities, and fosters an understanding of the relationships between people and their environment.

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Anonymous said...

This mission statement is very substantive and offers a compelling vision of how NVRPA can develop and better serve the needs of Northern Virginia. Lets take time to discuss it, brainstorm on how to best fulfill it, etc.