Friday, December 18, 2015

Innovation Lights the Way in Premier Light Shows

Winter Walk of Lights

The innovative holiday light shows of both Bull Run Regional Park and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens have transformed the holiday season for thousands in the Northern Virginia area.  Both shows feature highly customized 100% LED light displays.  NOVA Parks defines the very best of Northern Virginia, and this can be seen very clearly at these two shows.  Collectively, between these two shows, around 150,000 people experience these amazing light displays, and 2015 is likely to set a new high water mark for both shows.

The first great innovation happened in 2005.  Before that time, a contractor had a light show for years at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville.  That year, the contactor did not show up to run the light show.  The old show was not all that it could be, but it still had a following.  NOVA Parks decided to create an all-new 100% LED light show that used quite a bit of animation.  The new show was a big hit and also the first all LED drive-through light show in America!  Over the last ten years, we have added to the lights every year, and the popularity has grown.  Last year, over 35,000 cars or an estimated 120,000 people experienced this amazing 2.5 mile long Bull Run Festival of Lights.

In 2013, NOVA Parks opened the premier Botanical Garden light show in the country.  The Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights in Vienna, Virginia, is also a 100% LED light show.  It is a very different experience where at a half mile walk through show, the lights surround and delight the visitors.  It is highly animated with a strong nature theme, including a river of lights with jumping fish, butterflies and squirrels moving in lights.  The experience is spectacular.  Last year, 46,500 people were delighted by this magical experience.

The key to success in both shows has been to go big.  We have really focused on making both highly unique, and totally custom.  The holiday season is filled with tradition, but our goal is to delight and surprise our visitors.  A trip to either of these light shows is not complete unless everyone is delighted and in awe.  Our goal is that no visitor will be able to resist pointing and saying “wow” as he or she goes through these ever changing and expanding shows.

Last year saw more than 166,000 people enjoy these shows.  This year, we have already surpassed that number, and there is still time for more to participate before the shows close on January 3, 2016. 

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