Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Expanding Parkland = Healthy Park System

There is no better indicator of a healthy park system, than one that is growing. Adding new public lands is vital to offset the affects of population growth. We need to be in the business of preserving the most important areas from both an ecological, and historical, perspective. And we need to be creating places where the public can go to enjoy the outdoors. 

With a new property that we are in the process of buying, NOVA Parks will have added over 1,000 acres of new parkland in 10 years. This includes about 15 separate land deals that have been completed over the last decade.

Below are our current 30 parks with equal over 11,200 acres, with another 150 under contract, and several other properties that we are exploring. The ones in bold are either new parks, or existing parks that we have added land to in the last 10 years.

1    1.       Aldie Mill
2.       Algonkian
3.       Ball’s Bluff
4.       Blue Ridge
5.       Brambleton
6.       Bull Run Marina
7.       Bull Run Regional Park
8.       Bull Run Shooting Center
9.       Cameron Run
10.   Carlyle House
11.   Fountainhead
12.   Gateway
13.   Gilberts Corner
14.   Hemlock
15.   Meadowlark
16.   Mt. Defiance Historic Park
17.   Mt. Zion Historic Park

18.   Occoquan
19.   Pohick Bay
20.   Potomac Overlook
21.   Red Rock Overlook
22.   Rust Sanctuary
23.   Sandy Run
24.   Seneca Regional Park
25.   Temple Hall Farm
26.   Tinner Hill Historic Site
27.   Upton Hill
28.   W&OD Trail
29.   Webb Sanctuary
30.   White’s Ford

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