Friday, September 19, 2014

New Mission, New Look, New Brand

"NOVA Parks - the best of Northern Virginia through nature, history, and great family experiences"

This is the new Mission Statement for NOVA Parks (Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority). Many Mission Statement try to say too much. They try to explain the "hows" and "whats" of everything the organization does. What a Mission Statement is really supposed to do is just address the all important "why" questions. What is at the core of why this organization is? What purpose this group serves in the world?

With NOVA Parks we have for 55 years conserved some of the best nature in the region. Over 11,000 acres, most of it in a natural state, and much of it along the major rivers of the area, providing the most important wildlife habitat.

With history NOVA Parks is one of the top preservation organizations in the area. The list of historic assets is long, and growing but a few notable sites include:

  • Carlyle Historic Mansion in Old Town Alexandria c1752
  • Ball's Buff Battlefield in Leesburg c1861
  • Aldie Mill c1810
  • Mt. Zion Historic Church c1852
  • Mt. Defiance (Battle of Middleburg) c1863
  • Tinner Hill (civil rights parks) c1915
  • And many other sites...
Great family experience can be found throughout the park system. In my opinion few can beat family camping at Pohick Bay or Bull Run. Attending our award winning five water parks can create lasting memories of great times. And our numerous seasonal events including:

  • Temple Hall fall corn MAiZE and festival (fall)
  • Bull Run Festival of Lights (winter)
  • Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights (winter)
  • Many unique events at the Bull Run Special Events Center
  • And much more...
NOVA Parks represents the best of what the Northern Virginia Region has to offer!

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