Friday, May 23, 2014

Tree Planting to Improve Parkland

New trees at Occoquan Regional Park
Spring is here and we have been busy planting trees! 800 new trees this month to be exact, and most of them along major rivers. The area next to the water is call the "riparian" zone. And this area is where the most ecological benefits can be gains from planting a buffer. The wooded buffer filters the water after it rains, and holds the soil in, so it does not wash away. This riparian zone is also key wildlife habitat for many animals.

This spring our 800 new trees went in at Bull Run Regional Park, Algonkian Regional Park, and Occoquan Regional Park, all of which are on major rivers.

The Strategic Plan for NOVA Parks calls for us to "enhance natural resource conservation in riparian areas." Last year we planted several thousand trees at White's Ford Regional Park. In the coming years we will continue this effort to improve the ecological value of our parkland near the water.

Groups that helped plant these trees included Potomac Heritage Trail Association, Sterling Rotary Club, Cascades HOA and local Boy Scouts.

Tree Planting at Algonkian Regional Park

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