Monday, April 29, 2013

Arbor Day - Earth Day in Fairfax County

Saturday was Springfest a joint Earth day and Arbor day celebration in Fairfax County. The event was very well attended and took place at both the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center and Occoquan Regional Park. While there were displays from many environmental organization and activities, the highlight of the event centered on trees.

Fairfax County won their 30th annual Tree City USA designation for good urban forestry, and many of the County Board of Supervisors were on hand to mark that accomplishment.

Fairfax County Supervisors:
Gerry Hyland, Penny Gross, Sharon Bulova, Jeff McKay, Linda Smyth
At Occoquan Regional Park, we were planting more trees. Below is a list of the trees added on Saturday to an already beautiful park. These native trees were selected to provide a variety of natural habitat.

7 Black gum

2 American beech

4 Serviceberry

4 Loblolly pine

3 Eastern red cedar

3 River birch

2 'Appalachian Spring' dogwood
1 Eastern Redbud

One of the key goals of our current five year strategic plan is to "expand riparian buffers by planting trees or creating no-mow zones along waterways to enhance water quality and wildlife habitat."   This spring has been a big one for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority with about 7,000 new trees going into your regional parks!
Tree Planting at Occoquan Regional Park

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