Monday, May 07, 2012

Virginia Outdoor Survey

Over half of Virginia Families walk for pleasure, visit historic sites, visit parks and natural areas. And the numbers engaging in these activities is on the rise!

This is just a taste of the great information in the Virginia Outdoor Survey.

Every 5 years the Commonwealth of Virginia conducts a survey of citizens to better understand their outdoor needs and desires. The latest survey (see link above) has just recently been released. This information in addition to public comments and meetings in every region of the state are assembled and result in a document called the Virginia Outdoor Plan (VOP). This five year plan in currently being worked on.

Virginia has been doing some version of this process every five years since the mid 1960s. It serves as a great resource to planners and others that work on expanding parkland, preserved properties and developing public amenities to support use of the outdoors by the public.

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