Monday, August 16, 2010

Working with Temple Hall/White's Ford Neighbors

Last week we had a meeting with a number of the neighbors that had opposed the establishment of White's Ford Regional Park. It was a great opportunity to update them on how we are progressing on a wide range of issues, from getting a contractor to help with the various traffic studies we agreed to, to starting work fixing up the Col. White house, and doing more archaeological work on the site.

This park will not open to the public until sometime in 2011. But for those that were involved in the permit process it was a good time to get together and start laying out a productive course for the future.

We met in the main barn with free range chickens wandering though as we talked. We also reviewed the Endowment Plan for Temple Hall Farm and talked about how the entrance on Rt. 15 could be looked at if further charitable donations provided the development funding. I believe that while not everyone agreed on all issues, most people felt better about the plans and our partnership after the meeting than before.

Relationships are built through small positive steps, that over time create mutual trust, respect and appreciation. This I hope is the path we are on.

I would like to thank Supervisor Sally Kurtz, who facilitated this meeting and through the permit process sought to strike a balance.

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blunoz said...

Very glad to read this. It's a step in the right direction to build relationships and trust with the neighbors of the new park. I like the idea of the access from Rt. 15. Thanks for the update.