Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Northern Virginia Waterparks

It has already been a summer season for the record books with temperatures in the 90's all the time.

In the last few years the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority has become increasingly know as the place to go for summer fun, with all five of our waterparks sporting a new look, and new features. Enhancing the fun factor, NVRPA's waterparks all have themes that transport you to new, exciting places. The result of fresh newly renovated waterparks and record heat equals places that are more popular than ever before.

Collectively we have seen 40,000 more waterpark visitors this year than we have ever seen, and the summer is only half over!

  • Great Waves at Cameron Run is the waterpark that you can see from the Beltway, right off of exit #174 on Eisenhower Road in Alexandria. In addition to speed slides, and twisty slides and many other features, the centerpiece is a giant wave pool (the only one in the area). Like ocean waves you can body surf, or ride one of the free inner tubes that are available. When you are hungry the Riptide Cafe has what you need. If you want to shop for some summer essentials, the Shark Shack has you covered. If the best waterpark in the region was not enough, Cameron Run also has mini-golf and batting cages, in addition to areas for your favorite events.
  • Volcano Island is the newest waterpark to get a face lift and new features. This polynesian paradise is at Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling. Complete with giant dumping bucket, waterslides and a volcano on the roof, attendance at this site is up 70% from last year. This is a must see waterpark.
  • Atlantis was lost for thousands of years and then we discovered it at Bull Run Regional Park in Centerville. Atlantis is an ancient Greek themed waterpark for those that like mermaids, Neptune, and lots of fun features including waterslides, buckets and more. As more people are discovering this great place the word is spreading and attendance is up over 50% for the second year in a row.
  • Upton Hill in Arlington was revamped a few years ago with wonderful features including slides and more. Upton has an Outer Banks feel, for a laid back and fun summer day. This is a very popular destination.
  • Pirate's Cove is a favorite for buccaneers of all ages at Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton (Mason Neck). Cannons bristle and menacing flags fly as you approach Priate's Cove. Inside the fun continues and even includes buried treasure. The popularity of this great site has gone up 40% this summer.

One of the most popular ways to explore all of these great waterparks is with the Bounce Pass. This is an annual membership that allow you to use these waterparks as much as you like. Less expensive and much more fun than most community pool memberships, the Bounce Pass is a remarkable deal. For more information on the Bounce Pass see: http://www.nvrpa.org/content/pool_passes/

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