Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bike to Work on May 21st

Bike to work day is coming up and according to the Washington Area Bike Association around 1,000 people a year are joining this annual day which sees in excess of 8,000 people a year peddling to work.

Nearly 6% of the population of Portland Or commute on their bikes on a regular basis (and it rains a lot there). As more people in our area choose to the bike instead of the car to go places, the social and personal benefits are great. On the community level our road become less clogged, and our air becomes cleaner. On the person level, cycling is fantastic exercise.

The Fairfax Times just ran a great story about the bike to work trend which you can see at:

In this story Charles Strunk Fairfax County Bicycle Program Coordinator notes "the Washington & Old Dominion Trail sees the highest commuter traffic, and even experiences a "rush hour" effect on weekday mornings and evenings. "The W&OD is like the I-66 for bikers," Strunk said of the 45-mile trail that extends from Purcellville to Arlington."

We are very proud to be able to offer the backbone of so many cycling trips that use the W&OD Trail as part of the journey.

For those interested in biking places, Google Maps has just recently added a feature where you can search out the best route between point A and point B that would work for a bike.

Whether your trip is to work, the local store, or an area park, plot out your course and go there via peddle power. In addition to being good for you and the world, it is a lot of fun!

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Ian Edlind said...

I ran a Bike to Work Day story for Trail Voice as well:

Speaking of that, I've been trying to get in contact with W&OD Trail NVRPA reps in preparation for a Trail Voice article. Can you email me and direct me to a good W&OD Trail resource? Email is