Sunday, July 26, 2009

Connect with Nature on Pohick Bay Marsh

Rent a canoe or kayak or launch your own at Pohick Bay Regional Park and in just 10 minutes of paddling you can be in the Pohick Bay Marsh. This is one of the best places in Northern Virginia to reconnect with nature.

I paddled it today and saw 17 White Herons perched in a couple of dead trees at the edge of the water. I had two large Great Blue Herons swoop out in front of my kayak as I paddle near the shore. Red Winged Black Birds, dragon flies and butterflies darted over the surface of the water and hydrilla. I saw a Bald Eagle soring overhead, and an Osprey catching fish for lunch.

With the water only a few feet deep in the marsh and very little effect of tide and current, this is a wonderful place to go paddling with the whole family. The distance is not far from you launch site and no real technical ability is necessary. Pohick Bay has a great inventory of rental boats, so you do not need any gear other than sunscreen, hat and water bottle. And if you have your own boat Pohick Bay offers a great launch area.

If you would like to reconnect with nature an hour on the bay will give you a great experience.

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