Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hemlock Overlook

Recently George Mason University who have been operating the Experiential Learning Center at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park since 1986 announced they would be ending operations there this summer. The state budget crisis has put a great deal of financial pressure on all branches of state government.

The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority is actively seeking a new partner to operate this wonderful facility. The function of this program over the last 23 years has been to offer a program for 5th and 6th grade field trips focusing on team building and environmental education. The site has also been used for corporate and organizational teambuilding.

The programs at Hemlock have had a positive and lasting impression on thousands of people over the years that have had a great experience there. We are very hopeful that we will find another partner that can have a similar positive impact into the future.

Those interested in giving NVRPA a proposal to operate this site can see all the information on this request for proposals at:


Anonymous said...

There is a website / petition to persuade GMU to continue operating the center until the end of 2009, giving the NVRPA more time to find a partner and keep service uninterrupted. Please sign it at !

Paul Gilbert said...

The comment about the on-line petition is well intentioned but the timing is off.

George Mason University has already left the site. Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority has been reviewing proposals and negotiating with a number of potential future operators. NVRPA will make this selection this month and the new operator will be offering program at Hemlock this fall.